#002: 7 Types of Manufacturing Waste That Need to Be Eliminated Immediately


This episode is about how to improve your processes, and it's the operations you're actually looking at today. We'll be reviewing the seven wastes in manufacturing that were developed in the Toyota production system.

These are the things that as you look at them can help you eliminate frustrations you experience in the work, and just as importantly, it helps your employees to have a better workflow and less frustration in their work.

By eliminating this waste, it'll help and give you higher-quality products and provide better delivery to your customers.

The question we always start with is, so how do we improve? In traditional ways of thinking about manufacturing, we often just focused on speed, the speed of the work or how fast we did something.

But in today's world, we think of waste elimination and process improvement provide much greater returns and a better method to reduce cycle time within a process and deliver higher-quality results to our customers.

So, we want to step back and identify value-added work versus non-value-added work. All manufacturing activities can be identified in one of these two ways, as either value-added or non-value added.


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