#003: How to Step Away from the Day-To-Day and Focus on Growing Your Business


A lot of business leaders I talk to say the same things:

  1. “I’m stuck in the day-to-day and don’t have time to think about or handle anything else.”

  2. “I want to grow the business, but I continuously put out fires all day long.”

Sounds familiar right?

Listen, I understand completely. It’s not easy to have an open-door policy and still get YOUR work done.

Part of you needs to tend to employee concerns and the other part needs to grow and create a vision for the future.

It’s a tough balance to keep, no doubt.

Today on Leading the Factory Forward Podcast, I talk about How to Step Away from the Day-to-Day and Focus on Growing Your Business.

What you’ll learn:

  1. How to run day-to-day and delegate to capable frontline leaders

  2. How to improve the day-to-day operations so you can spend more time on growing

  3. How to expand on new products or improve on current products

Things to think about as you listen to the episode, “What activities generate my highest value-added contribution to the business?”

Thanks for being here.

To creating your future,



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Book: Run Improve Grow: Your Roadmap from Firefighting to Bold Business Growth by Ray Attiyah



I thank you so much for being here and I’ll see ya next time on Leading the Factory Forward

— Lynn